Christmas Message from Nora

We had our Christmas Party held on the 1st December. It was a lovely meal prepared for us by Delphine, her daughter. and granddaughter. They went to a lot of trouble to have the room looking very festive and welcoming.IMG_0280


During 2017 it was thought that it would be a good idea if the machine is taken out every members evening and that we work on a garment, trying different techniques and ideas from everyone. At the end we hope to have a finished garment even if it has mismatched pieces as far as style and patterns go.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. We get together again on the 19th January 2017 at our AGM


Racking with Liz Holness

We were visited by our regular local demonstrator Liz, who showed us various examples of double bed racking.

Many people have replaced their ribbers with a garter carriage, but you do need to have a ribber in order to rack.

Racking does give a bias, so unless this is what you want, remember to rack in both directions. The grey collar in the photos below were knitted on the bias to allow it to fold easily.

As you will be using yours left hand to do the racking, this can become tender so make sure you take rest breaks and invest in a pair of gloves. Screwfix sell inexpensive lightweight gloves which still allow you to feel what your doing. Right handers will find it more tiring than left handers.

Tension swatches are very important.

The main thing is to experiment and have fun!

Tension swathes are very omportant

Tension swathes are very important

Grey collar is knitted on the bias

The grey collar is knitted on the bias











Liz demonstrating racking

Liz demonstrating racking


David’s Crochet Evening

We had another enjoyable evening  with David demonstrating how to make cord edging or crab stitch. Many members had a go at this with David  on hand to help with problems.

BUT first some show and tell.


Mavis has been very busy quilting for her daughter's birthday

Mavis has been very busy quilting for her daughter’s birthday!


15th Sept 2

Both of these were knitted on the LK150 by Nora


15th Sept

Something to put your feet in. A lap blanket fit for a mermaid and slippers for little ones, also by Nora

Plus some notices

The ‘knit-in’ weekend will be held on 5th and 6th November. If you want to attend, but can’t stomach taking your machine, please feel free to bring any craft items. Joan ad Mavis will be making patchwork bags.

So far members have made 51 sailors hats. The 20th October meeting is the deadline for these.

The ‘Knit and Stitch’ show is on at Ali Pali – 5th to 9th Oct. Click here to find out more.

We are sad to hear about the death of Beryl Jarvis and will remember her visits to us.





Polymer Clay Buttons

We had a fascinating talk from Francis Lewis on how to make polymer buttons. There are four brands she uses: Fio, Sculpey, Premo and Kato and each come in a block, which Francis then cuts into slices, before laying them together and rolling them like pastry.


She then uses a pasta machine to assist the rolling. Different colours can be blended at this stage. She repeats folding and rolling until the correct thickness is achieved. Then she rolls them up as evenly as possible making sure there are no air bubbles. This gives you a cane which you then roll to the length you require.







You can the carefully take a number of these canes and mold them together to form a triangle. Then taking several if these triangle slices you can form the button you require.

Francis uses a dedicated convection oven to bake the clay as it does have an unfortunate smell while baking.

Remember to put the holes in your button before baking.













Knitwear Designer Marianne Henio

We enjoyed a very interesting talk given by Knitwear Designer Marianne Henio, who shared with us her knitting history and how she has developed her skills over the years to become a designer of knitting patterns and how she comes to create a new design.

Marianne’s love of knitting was very evident.  She had brought a selection of her sample garments, some of which were from her recent Winter Collection, and she talked us through the design features and what had influenced/inspired her in creating those particular garments.

One of Marrianne's garments

One of Marrianne’s garments

Marianne with some of her garments

Marianne with some of her garments