AGM 2019

At the AGM it was decided to reduce the frequency of the meetings to one per month which will now be on the 3rd Thursday of each month except December commencing in March. This decision was taken due to lack of speakers and declining attendance which averaged at 13.
Nora has resigned from the committee and there were no volunteers to take over. Due of lack of speakers, arranging these was the secretary’s main role, it was decided that the role is no longer necessary. Philip, Sheila and Trish will share any other tasks between them.

We hope to see you at the next meeting which will be the 7th February.

Liz’s visit

As usual Liz’s talk on holding position was interesting and enlightening.

Below are links to websites mentioned in the talk.

Joining on the machine:     Seaming and binding off simultaneously on a knitting machine

Maggie Andrews:    patterns and booklets

Anne Lavene freebie:  Free visual Pattern – Living Knitwear

Eileen Montgomery’s homepage:   Home

Heidi’s Knitting Room:   Round Afghan with Diamonds in Center

You-tube Video Fan Lace Scarf: Part1; Part2; Part3 Part 4 Part 5

Knit Design Courses: Spikey Scarf

Liz Bivens: easy_shawl_pattern

Janet’s talk on Colour

Another fascinating talk by Janet from the Guild of Weavers and Spinners. She explained how important combinations of colour was to creating cloth.

She explained how colour is described using the three primary colours on a colour wheel:

  • Monochrome – shades  of lightest to darkest of one colour
  • Hue – main colour
  • Tint – main colour plus white
  • Tone – main colour plus grey
  • Shade – main colour plus black


To help see if colours will blend, try producing a black and white photocopy, as the colours will be the same.

Also you can produce different colours depending on the if you use a colour as warp or weft. The examples below use the same yarn, but navy is the warp and the other the weft.


First Meeting of 2018

Our AGM was held on 18th January 2018 at 19.45 at the Woodford Park Pavillion. Those present were the  current committee:  Philip Massey, Sheila Mather, Trish Vickers, Nora Phillips and ordinary members:  David Barratt, Joan Belcher, Barbara Hull, Pat Kiddie, Barbara Mullins, Nicola Nicholson,  Delphine Perkins, Elizabeth van Trierum, Carol Wardle, Kay Warner. Apologies were received from: Jacqui Davies, Christine Henwood, Shirley McEwan and Maureen Pope.

The meeting opened with a welcome to all attending.

The Chairman gave his report for the past year and thanked all the members for their input during the year especially in the making of our sample garment.

The Treasurer gave her report and presented the account to the members. The club made a small loss.

Re Election of Commitee. No new nominations/volunteers came forward so the same committee will remain in post.

Matters arising: 

It is anticipated that our membership will decrease to around 20, there it was decided that our annual subscription will therefore increase to £20 to cover the increasing cost of speakers and hall hire. Our bi weekly payments will remain at £3 per head.

We will in future pay for our refreshments. The amount decided is 50p per visit.

It is becoming increasing difficult to get speakers due to declining availablity and reluctance to travel. However we have managed to book seven speakers so far depending on confirmation.

A New Data Protection Act is coming into force this year. We appear to comply with the new rules according to the membership forms which we sign each year.

We discussed the introduction of day time meetings. This resulted in a vote to stay at our usual evening meetings for this year but we will revisit this topic on the 1st of November 2018.

The members were asked for suggestions for topics for our member evenings. This resulted in a good choice of topics which we will follow up on.

For the first Knit In weekend of this year it was decided to join the Crafters group at the Sutton Bowling Club on a trial basis.

The AGM was concluded at 21.00

The next AGM will be on 17th January 2019.




Christmas Party

Our Christmas party was held on the 7th and a good time was had by all. The catering was superb and all the plates were emptied. It was a chance for us to dress up and have a good chin wag with fellow members.