Spinners and Weavers with Janet & Mary

Quick news – The Sailors’ Society have thanked us for the hats.

Janet and Mary’s talk this evening was about unusual fibres used to make yarns.

They started off by showing us examples of natural fibres including: animal yarns – angora (doesn’t hold on it’s own, so needs to be mixed with wool); Yak (often mixed with silk); camel; bison. Plant fibres (these are stiffer, though they do get softer with use) – nettles; flax; hemp, bamboo.

Fibres with are natural, but have to be treated with chemicals to produce yarn: milk; corn; rose; banana; soya bean.

Then there are the artificial fibres: triloble nylon; re-cycled plastic bottles (washing in a machine can cause very small pieces of plastic to break off); kevlar (often used when making socks as toes and heels are more resistant).